when youre at a concert does it suddenly hit you at random moments that the band are real people and not just pictures on the internet

25 June 2014

Paris, France. June 21, 2014 x

Paris, France. June 21, 2014 x

Harry getting hit in the face, Niall putting a snapback on Louis’ head. 06/24/14


harry styles is gonna make a real life baby one day a tiny lil human baby made by harry styles he’s gonna have his own miNI HARRY STYEL>s

19 June 2014



"Narrow down your 5 favorite Harry "Silly putty face" Styles facial expressions," she said. "Pull out all your eyebrows, it won’t hurt," she said.

I went through several very important folders and picked 25,and then made myself stop due to rising blood pressure, powering through the pain of knowing I’ve missed some true beauties. ANYWAY, here are 7, because I have some self control but not a lot. 

1. The “Life just isn’t fair, is it?”

2. The “Harry Styles dislikes watermelon but can’t stop eating it

3. The “MY FIRST TALENT SHOW!!!!! :D :D :D”

4. The “I know. I know what I did. You don’t need to tell me”

5. The “Uhhhohhhnlknfuck what was this list again”

6. The “Get out of my kitchen”

7. And last but not least,

ALRIGHT adding onto this because this boy just won’t quit:

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17 June 2014
how can you not reblog

how can you not reblog

16 June 2014
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